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Welcome aboard the 'Santa Rita', a truly exceptional vessel that offers an inclusive sailing experience for all, including those with reduced mobility. This barrier-free boat is designed to provide everyone with the thrill of diving into the ocean and exploring its wonders. Begin your journey in the spacious cockpit at the stern or relax on the comfortable cushions at the bow. The upper deck boasts large seats on either side and a terrace adorned with artificial grass - an ideal place for spotting cetaceans in their natural habitat. Your attentive crew will guide you through this marine wonderland, introducing you to giant sea turtles, playful dolphins, and majestic whales that call this nature reserve home. With a maximum capacity of ten people, the 'Santa Rita' ensures a personalised, stress-free experience where you are the protagonist. Finally, you'll anchor in a serene bay where you can plunge into the warm (20/22 degrees year-round) sea waters. Snorkelling equipment is provided for those eager to explore beneath the surface. Upon return, a delectable Italian cold pasta awaits you. Thanks to the hydraulic platform and specially designed wheelchairs, everyone has the opportunity to swim and dive in the ocean. For those less adventurous, the crew offers assistance at sea. 

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